About Us

Great West Fire represents some of the most important manufactures in the industry.  GWFire is a leading rep group for fire products sold to the municipal fire service.  We believe that representing the best products is more important than representing the most manufacturers.  The mission for GWFire is to supply the best products available to our customers.  We work directly with the largest fire departments on the West Coast.

Where We Came From

KalebWinsheimer started Great West Fire in 2010.  Kaleb has been working with the fire service for over 15 years representing the some of most highly sought after products.  His philosophy is to simply to work hard, be honest, and follow-up with the end-users.  Sounds easy enough, yet it is something that customers repeatedly say is hard to find in the fire service.  GWFire is there to provide the highest level of service to our customers.